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Book ID:  097372
Beehler, Bruce M.

Lost Worlds. Adventures in the Tropical Rainforest. 2008. 40 b/w illus. 272 p. gr8vo. Hardcover.
Perhaps it is not possible to experience all the mysterious sounds, the unfamiliar smells, and the spectacular sights of a tropical rainforest without ever visiting one. But this book comes close to taking the reader on such a journey. The author recounts details from twelve field trips he has taken to the tropics over the past three decades. As a conservationist, he makes a plea for better ways of managing rainforests. Drawing on his experiences in Papua New Guinea, India, Madagascar, Indonesia, the Philippines, Panama, and the Ivory Coast, the author describes the surprises, both pleasant and unpleasant, of doing science and conservation in the field. He explains the role that rainforests play in the lives of indigenous peoples and the importance of understanding local cultures, customs, and politics. The author concludes with simple solutions for maintaining rainforest health.
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