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Müller, M. A. N.

Grasses of Namibia. 2nd rev. and updated edition by Johan van Eck. 2007. illustrated (=line - drawings). Many dot maps. 317 p. Paper bd.
Some 115 species were originally selected, supplemented by a further 30 in this revised edition, and described. Updated and improved identification keys. The described grasses are arranged in five basic groups according to inflorescence type. Within each group, the species are arranged in alphabetical order. Each species is treated as follows: The currently accepted scientific name, without author citation; the common names, when known are listed in the order: English, followed by other languages alphabetically; the origin of the scientific names is given wherever possible; the grouping in inflorescence type is indicated; a detailed description of the plant follows and general information about the species. Distribution maps are added.
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