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Book ID:  097549
Garwood, Nancy C.

Seedlings of Barro Colorado Island and the Neotropics. 2009. illus. X, 645 p. gr8vo. Hardcover.
This guide to the seedling flora of Barro Colorado Island includes illustrations of and keys to 775 species of forest trees, shrubs, lianas, vines, herbs, epiphytes, hemi-epiphytes, and weedy plants typical of forest margins and clearings. All genera and 75 percent of the species covered occur broadly across the Neotropics and provide numerous illustrated examples for the family accounts. Key characters needed to identify dicot and monocot seedlings are also described and illustrated, supplemented with an illustrated glossary of descriptive terms. The book enables tropical ecologists, botanists, and systematists to identify Neotropical seedlings that have not yet developed the diagnostic characteristics of the parent plants.
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