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Book ID:  097592
Stancheva, Y., S. Bencheva, T. Pavlidis and M. Ilieva

Atlas of Wood Dacaying Fungi. 2009. col. photogr. 349 p. gr8vo. Paper bd.
The Atlas of Wood Decaying Fungi contains extensive information on the species composition, level of parasitic activity, and the biological and ecological characteristics of this specific group of fungi. This information could help in the development of effective control measures, since wood-boring fungi cause numerous problems and losses in fruit orchards and stored and processed wood. At the same time, it must be stressed that these fungi are an important component of ecosystems and need to be protected: they are a major factor to be considered in the recycling of substrates and nutrients in forest ecosystems, parks, and roadside verges and hedges. This book is addressed to professionals, such as agriculturists, biologists, ecologists, and landscape architects, as well as to amateur biologists and enthusiasts of Nature.
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