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Book ID:  097786
Shungxiang,Ren, Wang Xingmin, Pang Hong

Colored Pictorial Handbook of Ladybird Beetles in China. 2009. many col. photogr. XXI, 336 p. 4to. Hardcover. - In Chinese, with Latin nomenclature and English abstract.
The book deals with 88 genera and 725 species of Ladybird beetles occurring in China. This monograph is divided into two sections: The first section is for general information. This section focuses morphological characters of adult and immature stages, feeding habits, collection, etc. The second section focuses the Chinese species of Coccinellidae. A total of 375 species and subspecies including 10 subfamilies, 22 tribes and 89 genera or subgenera in China are described. Subfamily and tribe names in this book are arranged according to an taxonomy system, but genera and species are arranged in Latin alphabetical sequence. The morphological characters of head (including antenna, mandible, maxillary palpus), leg and abdomen for adult in each tribe is illustrated. All the species are illustrated in color and the external genitalia are also shown in text-figures. Index of genera and species in Chinese and Latin are appended at the end of this book.
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