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Farjon, Aljos

A Handbook of the World's Conifers. 2 vols. 2010. 362 col. photogr. on plates. 42 plates (= line - drawings). 1111 p. 4to Hardcover.
Conifers are known to everyone as a conspicuous kind of evergreen trees or shrubs that feature prominently in gardens and parks as well as in many managed forests in the cool to cold temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere. Numerous books have been written about them and continue to appear, mostly with a bias towards these uses in Europe and North America. This new handbook of the conifers is departing from this traditional approach in that it includes all the world's 615 species of conifers, of which some 200 occur in the tropics. It gives as much information about these and the Southern Hemisphere conifers as about the better known species, drawing on research into the taxonomy, biology, ecology, distribution and uses by the author over nearly 30 years. The result is a truly encyclopaedic work, a true handbook of all the world's conifers, richly illustrated by the author with his line drawings and photographs taken from the natural habitats of the species. This handbook combines the virtues of a comprehensive taxonomic monograph of the conifers, with that of a true vademecum on the morphological attributes, uses, and conservation of all species of the order.
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