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Algological Studies

Volume 130: Montejano,E., Golden - Morgan, M. and L. Hofmann: Cyanobacteria / Cyanophyta. Morphology, Taxonomy, Ecology. Proceedings of the 17th Symposium of the International Association for Cyanophyte Research (IAC), Merida, Yucatan (Mexico). 2009. illus.(some col.). 135 p. gr8vo. Paper bd.
Contents (partly): Montejano,G.:17th symposium of the International Association for Cyanophyte Research / Oren,A.: E. Imre Friedmann, 1921-2007 / Oren,A.: Nomenclature of the Cyanophyta,Cyanoprokaryotes, what happened since IAC Luxembourg / Smarda,J.: Cell ultrastructure changes accompanying the annual life cycle of the cyanobacterium Microcystis aeruginosa / Aboal,M.: Microcystin production in Rivularia colonies of calcareous streams from Mediterranean Spanish basins / Codd,G.A.:Extraction of cyanostatins and their analysis, with microcystins and anabaenopeptin A, in a 21-year archive of cyanobacterial bloom samples / Abed,R.M.M.: Selection of oil-tolerant cyanobacteria on oil polluted sediments / Addico,G.N.D.: Cyanobacterial diversity and biomass in relation to nutrient regime of four freshwater reservoirs sourced for the production of drinking water in Ghana / Ionescu,D.: The cyanobacterial community of the Zerka Ma'in hot springs Jordan: morphological and molecular diversity and nitrogen fixation / John,J.: Cyanobacteria in benthic microbial communities in coastal salt lakes in Western Australia.
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