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Singh, Dharm

Aonla. Cultivation and Processing. 2009. figs. tabs. 230 p. gr8vo. Hardcover.
Aonla (Emblica officinalis) is widely used in Indian system of medicine as an ingredient in more than 175 Ayurvedic formulations. It contains a number of biologically active phyto-nutrients including bioflavonoides, creonodies, polyphenols and flavones, all of which have extraordinary longevity and rejuvenating properties. Aonla is not only a source of nutrient and medicine but its cultivation is also highly remunerated for the farmers. Traditionally, aonla has been a crop of forest or household, but during the last decade, there has been unprecedented expansion in the area under aonla cultivation across the country, utilizing the wasteland. For ideal production of aonla and its sustainable development in India, it is very important to provide scientific proven technology of aonla cultivation, processing and post-harvest handling to farmers, traders and exporters and create mass awareness in potential areas at national level. Although, more literature on aonla are available in our country, but authentic, practical and precise information are still lacking. This manuscript is intended to provide practical information on various aspects in précised and digestible form. Various key issues have been discussed to make it very useful to every farmer, trader, exporter, consumer, student, scientist, planner and policy maker.
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