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Pansarin, E. R. and L. M. Pansarin

The family Orchidaceae in the Serra do Japi, Sao Paulo State, Brazil. 2010. 140 col. illus. 287 p. Hardcover.
This study presents a floristic survey of orchid species Brazil. This region is strategically placed in the transition between interior semi-deciduous mesophytic forests and the Atlantic forest, presenting species from both formations. Although the orchid diversity is high, the region is affected by anthropogenic disturbances. The preservation and the integrated study are urgent necessities, with social, economic and preservationist considerations. The orchid family observed includes 125 species distributed among 61 genera. Two new species not identified before, Habenaria sp. and Acianthera sp., are described. The most representative genus is Epidendrum, followed by Oncidium and Habenaria. Most of the species occur as epiphytes, while 40 species are terrestrial, 31 species are rupicolous, two are hemi-epiphytes and only one is a saprophyte. The semi-deciduous mesophytic forest has the highest occurrence of species of Orchidaceae.
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