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Stewart, Wilson N. and Gar W. Rothwell

Paleobotany and the Evolution of Plants. 2nd ed. 1993. (Reprint 2010). figs. tabs. photogr. 672 p. gr8vo. Hard cover.
Contents: Preface/ Preface to first edition/ Introduction/ Plant fossils: preservation, preparation, and age determination/ The fossil record: systematics, reconstruction, and nomenclature/ Life in the Precambrian/ Diversification of the fungi/ Diversification among the algae and related plants/ How the land turned green: speculation/ How the land turned green: Bryophyta/ How the land turned green: vascular plants, primitive types/ The evolution of microphylls and adaxial sporangia/ The isoetalean clade/ Paleoecology of the Pennsylvanian coal swamps/ More diversity in the Devonian: the Trimerophytopsida/ The origin of the Sphenopsida/ Unique and extinct: the Upper Paleozoic sphenophylls/ The origin of the horsetail/ Putative ferns of the Paleozoic/ The emergence of the Marattiales and Ophioglossales/ Filicales of the Carboniferous/ The emergence of the modern Filicales, Salviniales, and Marsileales/ Free-sporing plants with gymnospermous secondary wood/ Gymnosperm reproduction: early evolution/ Paleozoic gymnosperms with fernlike leaves/ Cycads: origins and relationships/ The enigmatic cycadeoids/ More innovation and diversification among gymnosperms/ The record of a living fossil: Ginkgo/ The first coniferophytes/ The diversification of conifers and taxads/ The origin and early evolution of angiosperms/ Angiosperms: diversification, radiation, and modernization/ Major evolutionary events and trends - in retrospect/ Index.
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