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Hugonnot, Vincent

Mousses et Hépatiques de Paiolive (Ardèche et Gard, France). 2010. (Bull. Soc. Bot. du Centre - Ouest, NS, No. spécial 34). 615 col. figs. (photogr. & dot maps). 293 p. gr 8vo. Paper bd.
Covers 300 taxa (14 of them are varieties) of bryophytes, 59 being liverworts, 241 mosses. The inventory made it possible to define 19 soil - dwelling communities, 19 saxicolous communities, 13 epiphytic communities, and 13 hygro - hydrophilic communities. The Paolive site totals 66 identified communities, among them 4 novel or not yet described. Human settlements, the proliferation of quarries, land improvement related to agricultures, inadequate forest management and other parameters are identified as major threats on habitats and species of bryophytes. - Of special interest to this interested in south-eastern France or in the karstic bryoflora of ancient woodland.
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