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Potemkin, A. D. and E. V. Sofronova

Liverworts and Hornworts of Russia. Volume 1. 2009. illus. 368 p. Hardcover. - In Russian, with Latin nomenclature and Latin species index.
This book was announced by the publisher as being bilingual (English / Russian), but there is only little text in English. - A survey of modern data on morphology, ecology, distribution and systematics of liverworts and hornworts as well as the principles of their field and laboratory studies. Illustrated keys to all genera of liverworts and hornworts of Russia and adjacent territories, with drawings of habit of each genus and details of morphological structure. An annotated bilingual (English / Russian) list of liverworts and hornworts recorded from the Russian territory ( 460 species in 107 genera, among them 10 doubtful species and 1 genus) as well as 36 provisional species in 18 genera, including data on taxonomic composition, synonyms, occurrence, distribution, and substrate distribution of all listed species, subspecies and varieties. The book includes an extensive bibliography of over 600 references. Volume 2 will include treatments of all thallose liverworts known from Russia and adjacent territories as well as representatives of the class Haplomitriopsida.
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