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Lassoudière, André

Histoire du bananier et de sa culture. 2010. col. pls. figs. maps. 351 p. gr8vo. Paper bd.
The banana tree, a giant herbaceous plant often mistaken for a tree, is one of the oldest cultivated plants. The author summarises here a wide variety of historical data and his in-field knowledge. Having discussed the origin of the name Musa, he gives examples of how the banana tree has been included in cosmologies, religions, literature and advertising. The reader is offered hypotheses on varietal diversification and the expansion of cultivation starting from South-East Asia: how has the banana tree changed since this distant time? What route has it taken in its conquest of hot, tropical and sub-tropical regions? A report on the miscellaneous uses of the fruit and other parts shows all the ingenuity of man. The author also draws a panorama of changes in the production intended for the international market. Political interferences are also evoked. Lastly, the focus turns to the progress of French and European markets in relation to the changes in organisation of the procurement chain and the History of the 20th century. This book, written for a wide audience and illustrated by numerous old drawings, photos and coloured maps, is intended for professionals in the sector and anyone fascinated by the history of plants.
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