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Book ID:  098593
Flora Algarum Aquariorum Continentalium Ucrainicae

Euglenophyta 2, by Z. I. Vetrova. 2004. 162 figs. (= line drawings). 271 p. gr8vo. Hardcover. - In Russian, with Latin nomenclature.
Deals with Ordo 1:Euglenales, Familia 2: Euglenaceae: Genus 4: Lepocinclis Perty/ Genus 5: Phacus Duj. / Genus 6: Cryptoglena Ehr./ Genus 7: Ascoglena Stein / Genus 8: Colacium Ehr./ Genus 9: Khwakinea Jahn McKibben/ Genus 10: Astasia Ehr. emend. Duj./ Genus 11: Euglenopsis Klebs/ Genus 12: Cyclidiopsis Korsch.
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