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Jansson, Stefan, Rishikesh Bhalerao and Andrew Groover (eds.)

Genetics and Genomics of Populus. 2010. (Plant Genetics and Genomics: Crops and Models, 8). col. illus. XV, 368 p. gr8vo. Hardcover.
A fundamental need encompassing all of these scientific, economic, and management issues is a better understanding of the basic biology of forest trees. As the power of genetic model systems for biological research became increasingly obvious, the need for a good tree model system grew. Gradually, Populus developed into the prime model system for tree research. The book provides an indepth description of the genetic and genomic tools and approaches for Populus, examines the biology that has been elucidated using genomics, and looks to the future of this unique model plant. This volume is designed to serve both experienced Populus researchers and newcomers to the field. Contributors to the volume are a blend of researchers, some who have spent most of their research career on Populus and others that have moved to Populus from other model systems. Research on Populus forms a useful complement to research on Arabidopsis. In fact, many plant species found in nature are, in terms of the life history and genetics, more similar to Populus than to Arabidopsis. Thus, the genetic and genomic strategies and tools developed by the Populus community, and showcased in this volume, will hopefully provide inspiration for researchers working in other, less well developed, systems.
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