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Ciugulea, Ionel and Richard E. Triemer

A Color Atlas of Photosynthetic Euglenoids. 2010. 181 col. pls. XX, 204 p. Hardcover.-28 x 28 cm.
This brilliantly illustrated atlas provides a simple visual tool to help identify photosynthetic euglenoids, flagellated single celled organisms. The atlas provides basic background information such as the history of the various genera, notes on where they can be found, what the cells look like, and the internal and external structures that can be used to identify species. A dichotomous key provides a simple means to identify each of the genera, and a full glossary defines all of the scientific terms used in the text. The main body of the book consists of high resolution color plates of each of the species, organized by genus. The photographs on each plate illustrate the main features used to identify each organism, such as size and body shape, flagellar length, pellicle structure, type of chloroplast, shape, and arrangement of mucocysts. This text will be useful to phycologists, protozoologists, ecologists studying wetland systems, and managers of reservoirs, lakes, ponds and natural resources.
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