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Hallegraef, Gustaaf M., Chris J. S. Bolch, a. oth.

Algae of Australia: Phytoplankton of Temperate Coastal Waters. 2010. illus. VI, 421 p. gr8vo. Hardcover.
Phytoplankton account for more than 90 per cent of the biomass of living organisms in the worlds seas and produce 50 per cent of the atmospheric oxygen we breathe. They form the base of all marine food webs and play a critical role in shaping global climate. There is an increasing appreciation of their value as key biological indicators of ocean health and the impact of climate change on marine life, fisheries and humans. This book, the product of decades of research by Professor Gustaaf Hallegraeff and 11 collaborators, provides descriptions and illustrations of 541 species known from the estuarine, coastal and offshore waters of southern Australia. It includes more than 1100 photographs and drawings, and represents the first guide for the identification of these fundamentally important microscopic algae in the temperate Australasian region. The book, incorporating comprehensive bibliographies and a glossary of technical terms, will become an indispensable resource for oceanographers, fisheries biologists, aquaculture managers, as well as enquiring non-specialists.
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