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Buczko, K., J. Korponai, J. Padisak and S.W. Starrat (eds.)

Palaeolimnological Proxies as Tools of Environmental Reconstruction in Fresh Water. 2009. (Developments in Hydrobiology, 208// Hydrobiologia, 631). illus. IV, 327 p. 4to. Hardcover.
The primary objective of this volume is to present new palaeolimnological findings from eastern and central Europe. The volume starts with a review on late Quaternary records form the Carpathian region, followed by new results on the history of a crater lake, Lake Saint Ana, glacial lakes in the Tatra Mountains and Lake Bled in Slovenia. In addition, the various papers provide new insights on the development of lakes and bogs during the late glacial and Holocene, using a wide range of palaeolimnological proxies, including diatoms, pollen, macrofossils, pigments, cladoceran remains, chironomids, chaoborids, stable isotopes and geochemistry. The motivation for collecting recent knowledge derives from the recognition of the importance, and applicability of palaeolimnological tools to help in defining reference conditions as designated within the Water Framework Directives and estimating influence of global climate change on surface waters.
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