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Book ID:  099052
Karthikeyan, S., M. Sanjappa and S. Moorthy

Flowering Plants of India. Volume 1: Acanthaceae - Avicenniaceae. 2009. ( Flora of India Series,4) 31 col. pls. LI, 365 p. gr8vo. Hardcover.
This is a catalogue of Indian Plants from Acanthaceae to Avicenniaceae covering 18 families 483 genera and 2509 species, 34 subspecies, 285 varieties and 10 formae. Arranged alphabetically. Photographs of representative species from all families are arranged in 31 plates. For each species, after the correct name followed by basionym, wherever applicable, synonyms mentioned in major floras are also given along with distribution and other details. 10 new names and 62 new combinations are proposed.
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