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Claessens, Jean and Jacques Kleynen

The flower of the European Orchid. Form and function. 2011. Many col. photogr. 449 p. 4to. Hardcover.
In this book all European orchid genera are described and photographed in great detail. A special emphasis is paid to the adaptation of the structure of the orchid flower to the morphology and behavior of the pollinator. The book contains many superb photographs of plant, rosette, flower, column, pollinators and seed capsules of each genus. Microscopic sections of all European orchid genera provide additional information. This is the first time that the columns of all European Orchid genera have been photographed and published in a book. Both authors are experienced macro-photographers and managed to photograph the column of all European orchid genera in great detail and stunning beauty. During many years of study the authors succeeded in unraveling previously unknown details about the structure and pollination of the European orchids. The book presents new facts about various genera, including Corallorhiza, Chamorchis, Limodorum and Malaxis. The first section of the book provides an exhaustive description of all the flower parts with many detailed and instructive photographs which help to understand the structure of an orchid flower. In the main part each of the European orchid genera is presented in an individual chapter. A comprehensive descriptive section illustrates how the flower parts have changed and adapted to the main pollinators. A survey of old and recent literature completed with many detailed observations follows. During the last decade much has changed in the systematics of the European orchids and where necessary the systematic position of the genus is discussed. Various appendices contain additional information on many subjects: All known pollinators / Up-to-date review of all autogamous European orchid species / Time it takes the caudicles to bend forward / Numerous data on fruit set of most European orchids / Number of seeds per capsule of many species / Glossary with all terms used / Extensive bibliography gives an overview of all relevant old and new literature.
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