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Suresh Narayana, P. and T. Pullaiah

Eminent Indian Botanists. Past and Present. 2010. illus.(=portraits). XVI, 426 p. gr8vo. Hardcover.
The book includes the biographies and contributions of 75 eminent Indian Botanists and explains the foundations of Botany in India and its development from 16 century into modern times. The biographies mentioned herein included those plant explorers of the East India Company like Garcia d'Orta and H.F.C. Cleghorn who laid the foundations to tropical Medical Botany. This also includes the biographies of the scientists of British India like E. Blatter, E.J. Butler, N. Wallich, R.H. Beddome, Robert Wight, W. Dudgeon and W. Roxburgh who were responsible for the establishment of many botanic gardens herbaria and research institutes in India and also worked for the development of Botany in the sub - continent.
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