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Brusca, Richard C.(ed.)

The Gulf of California. Biodiversity and conservation. 2010. (Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum studies in natural history). col. pls. illus. XI, 354 p. gr8vo. Hardcover.
Few places in the world can claim such a diversity of species as the Gulf of California (Sea of Cortez), with its 6,000 recorded animal species estimated to be half the number actually living in its waters. So rich are the Gulfs waters that over a half-million tons of seafood is taken from them annually, and this figure does not count the wasted by-catch, which would triple or quadruple that tonnage. This book provides a benchmark for understanding the Gulfs extraordinary diversity, how it is threatened, and in what ways it is, or should be, protected. In spite of its dazzling richness, most of the Gulfs coastline now harbors but a pale shadow of the diversity that existed just a half-century ago. Recommendations based on sound, careful science must guide Mexico in moving forward to protect the Gulf of California. This edited volume contains contributions by twenty-four Gulf of California experts, from both sides of the U.S. and Mexico border. From the origins of the Gulf to its physical and chemical characteristics, from urgently needed conservation alternatives for fisheries and the entire Gulf ecosystem to information about its invertebrates, fishes, cetaceans, and sea turtles, this book provides new insights and clear paths to achieve sustainable use solidly based on robust science.
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