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Book ID:  099258
Fungi Europaei

Volume 12: Bernicchia, A. and S.P. Gorjon: Corticiaceae. 2010. 455 micrographs. 427 co. photographs. 1008 p. gr8vo. Hardcover. - In Italian, with bilingual (English / Italian) keys.
A survey and description of all the Corticiaceae s. l. recorded till now in Italy. In addition all the corticoid fungi present in Europe and adjacent areas (882 species) have been listed and keyed out, with the exception of the tomentelloid fungi. Specimens from Italy (453 species) have been described and illustrated, and keys and comments to all known species in Europe have been provided. Descriptions are concise and line - drawings show mainly hymenial or differential characters, which should allow a correct identification.
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