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Book ID:  099348
Gao Qian and Wu Yuhuan

Genera Hepaticopsida et Anthoceratopsida Sinicorum. 2010. 341 plates (=line drawings). XXI, 636 p. gr8vo. Hardcover. - Chinese, with Latin nomenclature and Latin species index.
Deals with 2 classes, 8 orders, 55 families,156 genera, and 923 species of Hepaticae and Anthocerotae in China. General structures and morphological characters are provided and illustrated for use in identification of the plants. The key to families is mainly based on evolution degrees of gynoecia. Like Genera Muscorum Sinicorum, the Latin and Chinese origins and meanings of genera names are provided together with the original publication sources. To avoid augmenting nomenclatural confusion, some Chinese names are still kept in use though they fall short of real sense. Types and their location are provided after the morphological descriptions and introductions to families and genera. The species numbers in genera are according to Index Hepaticarum (Bonner,1962-1990) and the Chinese species numbers are estimated based on publications and specimens checked by authors. Keys and illustrations of main recognizable characteristic features are alos given. Contents: CLASS 1. Hepaticae: Subclass 1. Calyptrocoeidae: Order 1.Calyptrocoleinales; Order 2. Metzgeriales; Order 3. Corsiniales/ Subclass 2: Jungermanniidae: Order 4. Jungermanniidae; Order 5. Perssonielliales; Order 6. Pallaviciniales/ Subclass 3.Marchantiidae: Order 7. Cyathodiales; Order 8. Marchantiales/ CLASS 2: Anthocerotae
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