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Stefanut, Sorin

The Hornwort and Liverwort Atlas of Romania. 2008. 229 col. dot maps. 510 p. gr8vo. Paper bd. - In English.
The flora of Romania includes 211 liverwort species and 4 hornwort species, according to this monograph. - Contents: Introduction/ Bryological Researches in Romania/ General Methodology (The mapping method, Abbreviations used, Cited or consulted herbaria, etc.)/ The Hornwort and Liverwort Species of Romania (The Hornwort and Liverwort classification for Romania, The Hornwort and Liverwort check-list for Romania, The rejected taxa from the list of Hornworts and Liverworts from Romania)/ The Areas Investigated/ The Chorology of Hornwort and Liverwort Species for Romania (The distribution of hornworts in Romania, The distribution of liverworts in Romania, Distribution maps of hornworts and liverworts in Romania, Evaluating the distribution data)/ The Hornworts and Liverworts Threatened in Romania/ The Red List of Hornworts and Liverworts to Romania / List of Accepted Names and Synonyms/ Bibliography / Index of Taxa.
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