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Book ID:  099246
Flora Slovenska

Volume 10:2: Mycota (Huby), Ascomycota (Vreckate huby). Taphrinales: Protomycetaceae, Taphrinaceae. 2010. 6 col. pls. Many line - figs. 183 p. gr8vo. Hardcover. - In Slovakian, with English summary and English keys.
Description of 57 taxa of the order Taphrinales, 21 species of the family Protomycetaceae and 36 species of the family Taphrinaceae, parasitizing on 112 host plant species belonging to 9 plant families. Biology, ecology, symptomatology, methodical procedures, history and state of investigation, taxonomy, chorology, localities of occurrence, intra- & extralimital distribution.
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