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Book ID:  099385
Horak, Egon

Revision of Malaysian species of Boletales s. l. (Basidiomycota) described by E. J. H. Corner (1972, 1972). 2011. (Malaysian Forest Rec.,51) 127 figs. 283 p. gr8vo. Paper bd.
After EJH Corner passed away in 1996, all extant collections of Malaysian boletoid fungi were re - examined by the author. The volume presents the results of the morphotaxonomic revision, supported by illustrations of the microscopic characters.- Quote from review in MYCOTAXON 117, p.504: Dr. Horak presents revised descriptions of taxa combining information from Corner's original protologues and Latin diagnoses (the latter translated into English to facilitate study), data gained from additional studies of Corner's holotypes and other collections, and data from studies of holotype collections from other collectors (including Baker, Heim, Höhnel, Hooker, and Ridley, among others) for those species included but not described by Corner. Horak provides analyses of 160 (124 accepted, 22 doubtful, and 15 rejected, excluded, or invalid) species, including emended descriptions, line drawings of microscopic features (127 figures),lists of obse- vations and conclusions from his studies, and nomenclatural changes necessary for bringing the nomenclature of Corner's taxa up-to-date with current concepts. Additional features include taxonomic keys to all of the treated taxa, a list of additional important taxonomic studies of boletes from the Far East, a synopsis of all of the treated taxa arranged by currently accepted genus,...
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