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Flora Algarum Ucrainicae

Volume 11: Massjuk, Nadia P.: Chlorophyta. Fasc. 1: Phytomonadina. Descriptio generalis. Pars 1: Structure, reproductio, ontogenesis et cycli evolutionis. 2010. 47 photogr. pls. Many line - figs. 313 p. gr8vo. Paper bd. - In Ukrainian, with Latin nomenclature, Latin species index and brief English summary.
Original data and data from literature on structure, reproduction, ontogenesis and developmental cycles of green flagellar algae of five classes (Prasinophyceae, Pendinophyceae, Chlorodendrophyceae, Chlorophyceae, Mesostigmatophyceae) and two divisions (Chlorophyta and Streprophyta). Discussion of taxonomical importance of seperate characters of these algae and potential for use in modern taxonomy of flagellated algae.
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