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Book ID:  099456
Kristinsson, Hördur, Mikhail Zhurbenko and Eric Steen Hansen

Panarctic checklist. Lichens and lichenicolous fungi. 2010. (CAFF technical report, 20). col. illus. 120 p. gr8vo. Paper bd.
Contents: Introduction/ Delimitation and division of the Arctic/ Compilation of the checklist/ Number of taxa per region/ List of rare or endemic species/ estimate of frequency/ Further progress on the list of endemic and rare species of the Arctic/ Table 1: List of arctic regions included with their abbreviations/ Table 2: List of lichenized fungi endemic to the arctic regions / Table 3: List of arctic fungi rare outside the Arctic/ Checklist / List of synonyms (left column) submitted by their valid names (right column)/ bList of references surveyed for the Checklist.
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