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Wood, J.J., T. F. Beaman, A. Lamb, C. L. Chan & J. H. Beaman

Orchids of Mount Kinabalu. In cooperation with R.S. Beaman, Rimi Repin and Jaap J. Vermeulen. 2 volumes. 2011. illus. 1182 p. 4to. Hardcover.
From the preface: Subsequent to publication of 'The Plants of Mount Kinabalu, 2. Orchids' in 1993, a remarkably extensive accumulation of new data and literature about these plants has become available. For example, about 500 species were at hand 16 years ago, but more recently we have been able to examine over 9000 specimens. In the earlier volume, 711 taxa in 121 genera were listed, whereas now 866 species, subspecies and varieties in 134 genera are known. Additionally, 13 new species and 34 new combinations are published here... A particularly important advance from the 1993 account has been the provision of identification keys for all species. We are also now able to include more illustrations in the form of line drawings and colour photographs, a much more extensive consideration of the distribution and diversity of the species, their ecology, and an extended discussion of special features of their morphology and other aspects of particular interest.'
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