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Book ID:  099642
Rochecouste, E. and R. E. Vaughan

Weeds of Mauritius. Nos. 1 - 10. 1959 - 1965. illus. approx. 50 p. with different paginations. gr8vo. Paper bd.
Covers 1: Bidens Pilosa Linn./ 2: Cassia Occidentalis Linn./ 3: Oxalis Latifolia H. B.K.; Oxalis Debilis Kunth; Oxalis Repens Thunb./ 4:Argemone Mexicana Linn./ 5: Artemisia Vulgaris Linn./ 6: Ambrosia Psilostachya DC./ 7: Hydrocotyle Bonariensis Lam.; Hydrocotyle Sibthorpioides Lam.; Centella Asiatica (L.) Urban/ 8: Heliotropium Amplexicaule Vahl./ 9: Plantago Lanceolata Linn./ 10: Eleusine Indica (L.) Gaertn.
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