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Book ID:  099791
Denk, T., R. Zetter, F. Grimsson and L.A. Simonarson (eds.)

Late Cainozoic Floras of Iceland. 15 Million Years of Vegetation and Climate History in the Northern Atlantic. 2011. (Topics in Geobiology, 35). illus. XVI, 854 p. gr8vo. Hardcover.
Being the only place in the northern North Atlantic yielding late Cainozoic terrestrial sediments rich in plant fossils, Iceland provides a unique archive for vegetation and climate development in this region. This book includes the complete plant fossil record from Iceland spanning the past 15 million years. Eleven sedimentary rock formations containing over 320 plant taxa are described. For each flora, palaeoecology and floristic affinities within the Northern Hemisphere are established. The exceptional fossil record allows a deeper understanding of the role of the North Atlantic Land Bridge for intercontinental plant migration and of the Gulf Stream-North Atlantic Current system for regional climatic evolution.
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