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Maier, Eva

The Genus Grimmia Hedw. (Grimmiaceae, Bryophyta): A morpho- logical - anatomical study. 2010. (Boissiera, 63). illus.(line figs.) 377 p. 4to. Paper bd.
The genus GRIMMIA Hedw. is described and, as circumscribed in this monograph, includes 51 accepted species. Species descriptions are based on the study of 2800 specimens, including 274 types. 140 plates with drawings of morphological characters, series of anatomical characters found in the transverse sections of leaves and longitudinal sections of peristome teeth. Diagnostic characters are emphasized. Indentification keys for plants with and without sporophytes, a glossary, and methods for the preparation of slides are included. Information on species distributions are provided, along with indications on ecology. A taxonomic arrangement is proposed. An appendix contains lists of accepted species, selected specimens, new and accepted synonyms and of new lectotypifications and neotypifications.
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