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Book ID:  100201
Poulain, Michel, Marianne Meyer et Jean Bozonnet

Les myxomycètes. 2 vols. (texte & atlas). 544 col. plates. 1119 p. gr8vo. Paper bd. - French, with bilingual keys (French / English).
Information on 853 taxa of myxomycetes (530 of them illustrated by colour photographs). Biology, ecology, keys, descriptions including macroscopic and microscopic characters. Nomenclature follows the latest version of Nomenmyx. Glossary of terms, index of taxa, and bibliographical references. The plate volume shows each species in the form of an index card, with scientific name, one or more macro- photographs illustrating the habit of the species, line drawings of relevant microscopic characters are added (e.g.spore type, ornamen - tation, etc.).
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