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Book ID:  100246
Tura, Daniel, Ivan V. Zmitrovich, Solomon P. Wasser, Wjacheslav A. SPIRIN and EVIATAR NEVO

Biodiversity of the Heterobasidiomycetes and Non - Gilled Hymenomycetes (Former Aphyllophorales) of Israel. Ed. by Solomon P. Wasser. 2011. (Biodiversity of Cyanoprocaryotes, Algae and Fungi of Israel). illus. 566 p. gr8vo. Hardcover. (978-3-906166-99-5)
This book is devoted to the biodiversity of Heterobasidiomycetes (jelly fungi) and nongilled hymenomycetous fungi (former Aphyllophorales) of Israel. A total of 238 species belonging to 118 genera from 42 families and 12 orders belonging to 4 classes of Basidiomycota are outlined; 61 species including two new for science forms (Peniophora quercina f. merulioides and Stereum hirsutum f. lobulatum), 20 genera, 4 families (Cystostereaceae, Lentariaceae, Platygloeaceae and Pterulaceae), and 1 order (Platygloeales) are newly recorded taxa for Israel, and 17 species are recorded for the first time for Asia. This book is divided into two main parts: (a) a general part providing data regarding materials and methods, morphology and taxonomy, and ecology of heterobasidiomycetous and non-gilled hymenomycetous fungi, together with a chapter devoted to the studies of cultural morphology and molecular phylogeny of an important plant pathogenic group, the family Hymenochaetaceae; and (b) a special part providing information regarding detailed macro- and micromorphological descriptions, ecology, distribution and habitat in Israel, general distribution, notes, and a modern systematic arrangement of the fungi. In addition, keys to genera and species are also provided. This book is designed to benefit mycologists and taxonomists with the purpose of aiding, above all, heterobasidiomycetous and non-gilled hymenomycetous fungi species identification.
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