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Singh, Surendra P. and Rajesh Thadani

Biodiversity Conservation in the Western Himalaya. Western Himalayan Ecoregional Strategy and Action Plan. 2011. col. photogr. XV, 157 p. gr8vo. Paper bd.
While this book focuses on rich biodiversity of Indian Western Himalayan region, it looks at it from a lens of culture, livelihoods and people. It acknowledges that people cannot be seen as the problem but must be part of the solution. The book not only stresses on diversity. But on harder to measure and quantify values such as ecosystem services. Putting tangible numbers to these and focussing on the services this region provides is key to conservation. Not only are the Western Himalaya the cradle of many of the major rivers of the Indian subcontinent, but the water, silt and nutrients brought down from the mountains is critical to sustaining the high productivity of the Indo-Gangetic plains. A considerable part of this book is focussed on issues and problems that threaten the forests and biota of this diverse landscape. This book is based on the strategy and action plan document for the Western Himalayan Ecoregion.
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