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Book ID:  095179
Strelnikova, N. I. (ed.)

The Diatoms of Russia and Adjacent Countries, Fossil and Recent. Volume 02: Part 5. 2008. 155 p. of plates. 171 p. of text. gr8vo. Hardcover.- In Russian, with Latin nomenclature and Latin species index.
Covers Coscinodiscales (Coscinodiscaceae, Hemidiscaceae, Lobodiscaceae), Asterolamprales (Asterolamppraceae, Neobruniaceae), Heliopeltales (Heliopeltaceae), Aulacodiscales (Aulacodiscaceae), Stephanodiscales (Stephanidiscaceae, Thalassiobeckiaceae, Ectodictyonaceae), and Aulacoseirales (Aulacoseiraceae).
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