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Baytop, Turhan

Istanbul Florasi Arastirmalari (Researches on the Flora of Istanbul (Collectors, Herbaria, Floras, Botanic Gardens, Sources)). 2002. illus. 127 p. gr8vo. Paper bd.- Turkish, with English summary.
In this study the researches and publications concerned with the flora of Istanbul for 450 years were summarized. It was given the information about backgrounds and publications of collectors who had created collections by searching the area of Istanbul between 1553 and 1965. The first studies on the issue of growing ornamental in Istanbul were got to work by the establishment of Topkapi Palace in the year of 1465. In the course of time, the garden's types being particular to Istanbul were gotten and one part of them was provided to export. Some part of ornamentals and trees were conveyed to European countries by some foreign collectors. Unfortunately a unique study telling the qualities and names of approximately 2500 taxon in the region, wasn't prepared up until today although being some studies over the issue of Istanbul's plants have been continued for 450 years. In this case, the main reason of the failure are neglect and not creating a positive environment.
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