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Biancardi, Enrico, Lee Panella and Robert Lewellen (eds.)

Beta Maritima. The Origin of Beets. 2012. 250 p. gr8vo. Hardcover.
The volume will be completely devoted to the sea beet, that is, the ancestor of all the cultivated beets. The wild plant, growing mainly on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, remains very important as source of useful traits for beet breeding. Only in the current year, at least 40 scientific papers were published on the matter. From Italian libraries, many old and unedited illustrations, references, and other information have been collected. Another endless source of information is the WEB. The historical chapters and the illustrations alone would be a major interest of the book. The purely scientific topics (biotechnology, breeding purposes, germplasm conservation etc.) will be summarized succinctly and presented with an exhaustive list of references.
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