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Algae of Ukraine

Diversity, Nomenclature, Taxonomy, Ecology and Geography. Ed. by Petro M. Tsarenko, Solomon P. Wasser and Eviatar Nevo: Volume 3: Chlorophyta. 2011. 51 plates (mainly line - drawings). 511 p. gr8vo. Hardcover. - In ENGLISH. (ISBN 978-3-905997-01-9)
This volume contains data on 1381 species of green algae, belonging to 7 classes and 26 orders. The text and plates are arranged in alphabetical and according to taxonomic order (with one exception: the type taxon of the infraspecific rank immediately follows the name of the species). Information about nomenclature for each species or infraspecific taxa, i.e., basionym, main synonyms (usually used when referring to the algal flora of Ukraine and still used in reference books), occurrence, and distribution in Ukraine with reference to world distribution. The distribution is shown using the local administrative place, type of water bodies, and non - aquatic biotopes specifically for the Ukraine and other countries on different continents, such as those that are 'widespread' or 'cosmopolitan' or reasonably common. The distribution maps show the distribution of the described taxa for the Ukraine. Some new nomenclatural combinations and taxa are validated. Original drawings and micrographs of new and of some rare species or taxa from Ukraine are described and noteworthy recordings for this flora are included.
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