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Book ID:  100829
Grismer, L. Lee

Lizards of Peninsular Malaysia, Singapore, and their Adjacent Archipelagos. Their description, distribution, and natural history. 2011. illus. maps. 728 p. gr8vo. Hardcover.
The book is a comprehensive study of this groups natural history and distribution, illustrated by the authors renown photographic skills. This book not only incorporates the scattered body of literature on Malaysian lizards from the early 1,800s to present, but is infused taken over the last 15 years. For several species in this book, the and reproductive biology is all that is known. Explicit taxonomic keys accompanied by detailed descriptions of all 128 species allow for their easy identification. Additionally, a comprehensive, illustrated description of the environment of Peninsular Malaysia is overlaid with an insightful discussion of the biogeography and ecological zonation of its lizard fauna.
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