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Book ID:  088724
Reynolds, Colin

Ecology of Phytoplankton. 2006. illus. XIII, 550 p. gr8vo. Hardcover.
Covers the adaptations, physiology and population dynamics of phytoplankton communities in lakes and rivers and oceans. Contents: Phytoplankton/ Entrainment and distribution in the pelagic/ Photosynthesis and carbon acquisition in phytoplankton/ Growth and replication of phytoplankton/ Nutrient uptake and assimilation in phytoplankton/ Mortality and loss processes in phytoplankton/ Community assembly in the plankton: pattern, process and dynamics/ Phytoplankton ecology and aquatic ecosystems: mechanisms and management/ Glossary of terms/ Glossary of units, symbols and abbreviations/ References/ Index to lakes, rivers and seas/ Index to genera and species of phytoplankton/ Index to genera and species of other organisms/ General index.
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