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Book ID:  099813
Malesian Orchid Journal

Volume 07. 2011. illus. 128 p. gr8vo. Paper bd.
Contents: A Synopsis of Calanthe Section Styloglossum / A New Terete-leaved Species of Thrixspermum from Peninsular Malaysia / Coelogyne genuflexa and C. pholidotoides / Oberonia pauzii: A New Speices from Peninsular Malaysia and Borneo / Eulophia zollingerioides: A New Species from Peninsular Malaysia / A Revision of Cleisostoma in Sulawesi / Five New Species of Pinalia (Section Polyura) from New Guinea / Orchids of Bali: with Special Reference to Bulbophyllum / Preliminary Studies in the Bulbophyllum nymphopolitanum (section Lepidorhiza) Complex in the Philippines / Three New Species of Dendrochilum, with Notes on the Practice of Formally Describing Cultivated Species of Unknown Provenance / Dendrobium tawauense: A New Species of Section Crumenata from Borneo.
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