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Flora of the Guianas

Executive editor: M. J. Jansen - Jacobs. Series C: Bryophytes. Fasc. 2. 2011. 120 line - figs. 432 p. gr8vo. Paper bd.
This Part covers Musci IV by J. Florschütz-de Waard.- Contents: Introduction/ Classification/ Key to the genera of the mosses in the Guianas/ Sphagnales, by H.R. Zielman/ Archidiales/ Fissidentales, by M. A. Bruggeman - Nannenga/ Dicranales/ Pottiales/ Funariales/ Bryales/ Orthotrichales/ Leucodontales/ Hookeriales/ Hypnales/ Buxbaumiales/ Polytrichales/ New species and taxonomic changes/ Numerical list of accepted taxa/ Collections studied/ Index to synonyms, names in notes and some types/ Map of the Guianas.
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