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Noroozi, Jalil

A glance at the wild flowers of Iranian Mountains. 2011. Many col. photogr. 267 p. 8vo. Hardcover. - Bilingual (English / Farsi).
Designed as an excursion guide. Almost half of the species presented are monocots (Alliaceae, Amaryllidaceae, Asphodeliaceae, Colchicaceae, Hyacinthaceae, Iridaceae, Liliaceae and Orchidaceae), and the other half are dicots (Berberidaceae, Campanulaceae, Geraniaceae, Papaveraceae, Primulaceae, Ranunculaceae, Rosaceae and Violaceae). General distribution, distribution in Iran, habitat, altitudinal range, flowering time, distribution map for each species. All photos have been taken in the wild.
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