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Book ID:  101610
Baptista, Dalton Holland, Patricia A. Harding and Americo Docha Neto

Orchids of Brazil / Orquideas do Brasil: Oncidiinae 1. 2011. approx. 300 col. photographs. 224 p. Hardcover.- Bilingual (English/Portuguese).
This is the first volume of a series intended to encompass every Brazilian orchid species. It will cover naturally occurring species of orchids found in Brasil. The authors intend this to be a multivolume set, each set containing closely related genera or branches of the orchid family. With each set, they will discuss every species that would be included in that branch that have been reported to be in Brazil. They intend to have a set of pictures of as many as possible of each species contained in each volume. The authors list synonyms they are aware of, but as the knowledge of the species in other countries is limited, they do not presume to have covered all synonymies. The authors will also try to direct the hobby grower to other references that may aid them in cultural advice. Many of the difficulties one has with any list of Brazilian orchids is that there are many species that were poorly described, several that the country of origin is uncertain, and others whose distribution is based on reports where identification is questionable. The authors' intent is to clean this list as much as possible and to provide a key to every species of orchid in Brazil.
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