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Brokaw, Nicholas, Todd Crowl, Ariel Lugo, William McDowell and Frederick SCATENA

A Caribbean Forest Tapestry. A Multidimensional Nature of Disturbance and Response. 2012. (The Long-Term Ecological Research Network Series). 464 p. gr8vo. Hardcover.
These ecosystems recover quickly after natural disturbances, having been shaped over thousands of years by such events. Human disturbance, however, has longer-lasting impacts. Chapters are by authors with many years of experience in Puerto Rico and other tropical areas and cover the history of research in these mountains, a framework for understanding disturbance and response, the environmental setting, the disturbance regime, response to disturbance, biotic mechanisms of response, management implications, and future directions. The text provides a strong perspective on tropical ecosystem dynamics over multiple scales of time and space.
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