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Fungi of Bulgaria

Volume 9:Atanassova, A. and H. Mayrhofer: Physciaceae Part 1: Foliose genera. 2012. 52 col. figs. 25 maps. 112 p. Paper bd. - In English.
The ninth volume of the monograph series Fungi of Bulgaria deals with the foliose lichenized fungi of the Physciaceae distributed in Bulgaria. The monograph treats 42 species, belonging to 7 genera. The monograph provides a key to the genera and descriptions of genera and species, including keys to the species of each particular genus if more than one species is found in Bulgaria. Each species description includes macroscopic and microscopic morphological features, ecological information, and distribution of the species in Bulgaria. - Vols. 1-4 were publishd as 'Fungi Bulgaricae'.
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