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Hall, David W. and Jason H. Byrd

Forensic Botany. A Practical Guide. 2012. (Essential Forensic Science). 216 p. gr8vo. Hardcover.
Clearly structured throughout, this book combines well known collection techniques in a field oriented format that can be used for casework. Various methods that allow easy collection, transportation, and preservation of evidence are detailed throughout the book. This book is written for those who have no formal background working with plants. It can be used as a practical guide for students taking forensic science courses, law enforcement training, legal courses, and as a template for plant collection at any scene where plants occur and where rules or laws are involved. Veterinarians, various environmental agencies and anthropologists are examples of disciplines that are more recently in need of plant evidence. The format of the book is designed to present the reader with all the information needed to conduct a botanical analysis of a crime scene; to highlight the forensic significance of the botanical evidence that may be present; how to collect that evidence in the correct manner and preserve and store that evidence appropriately, also shows how to conduct a laboratory analysis of the plants.
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