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Book ID:  101854
Braun, Uwe and R. T. A. Cook

Taxonomic manual of the Erysiphales (Powdery Mildews). 2012. (CBS Biodiversity Series, 11). illus 707 p.
Chapter headings: Preface / Introd./ Position of the powdery mildews in the fungal system/ History of the taxonomy of the Erysiphales/ Classification of Erysiphaceae after Braun (1987a, 1995)/ Phylogeny/ Fossil powdery mildews/ Biology, hostrange and distribution/ Characters of value for the taxonomy of powdery mildews/ Teleomorphs/ Species identification/ Extent of present knowledge and gaps to be filled/ The keys/ The descriptions (p.86 - 644)/ References/ Index/ Index of host genera/ Index of scientific fungal names / Glossary. - A basic volume for anyone working on Erysiphales.
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